CREMHOG believes that a holistic approach is required to support and assist these persons to seek, envisage, pursue and accept a different lifestyle away from the street. To implement this belief and approach, the following elements are critical.

  • Have a push away from street life and a pull towards a different lifestyle.

  • Respect towards them and building trust with them.

  • Show love through attending to basic needs of food, clothing, protection against elements and positive motivation towards different living.

  • Co-ordinate services like health, social, occupational, labour and training in an individualised plan to guide and assist a life option away from the street.

  • Provide temporary accommodation while the above-mentioned plan is developed and implemented.

  • Provide labour opportunities for the exposure to earning and sustaining yourself again.

  • Develop support network for when person is leaving a sheltered program of social rehabilitation.

CREMHOG is in the planning phase for a Social Rehab Centre where all these services will be delivered under one roof. We need a few more partners and sponsors to come aboard to make this “House of Light” possible for the homeless persons in George.

There is no better exercise for the heart than to reach down and lift people up as Jesus would have wanted.

Andre Olivier • Executive Director


Work together amongst all churches, faith institutions, NGOs and Government Departments to provide one-stop comprehensive and holistic services.


Ensure sufficient provision in basic needs in food, shelter, clothing and hygiene and healthy environment.


Work with professional service providers in order to make service delivery comprehensive and holistic.


Encourage sponsors to assist in covering the Social Rehabilitation program of R 2000 per person per month, for 6 months.

Annual Month of Giving

CREMHOG needs partners – YOU – on all levels to co-ordinate and facilitate the above. As an NPO and PBO your contributions will be tax deductible.

Please contact Andre Olivier for information or a presentation or invite us for an appointment to share the problem, vision, strategy and plan.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.